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How Can You Jump Onto The Hard Money Lender Bandwagon?

Hard money lenders that are popularly known as trust deed lender are also infamous for charging sky-high interest rates for the short term loans which are secured by real estate. But, they are the valuable resource to the real estate investors with bad credit score because when the bank says “NO”, the hard money lenders says “YES”.

The primary reason behind it is hard money lenders are more interested in the property’s value rather than investors’ credit. It means, becoming a hard money lender is a lucrative business wherein just by providing the funds to the borrowers while keeping the real estate as collateral, you can earn a handsome amount of money.

However, the hard money lending business is not as easy as it appears because there are a lot of things to consider. Still, on the fence how to move ahead? Let’s clear up the air how you can pursue your career as a residential hard money lender.

  • Be clear with the hard money lending laws

The vivid picture about when the hard money lending licensing is needed and when not in your state is essential to know before you start providing funds to the real estate investors, otherwise, you will be offended. Ensure a few things about hard money lending that are:

    • Never overlook the state regulations for hard money lending.
    • Every state has set different licensing requirements to lend the money.
    • Better comprehend the foreclosure laws of the state where you are about to lend the money.
    • Beware! In some states, lending the money for residential property is prohibited. So, it’s better to consult the Divisions of Real Estate or State level Mortgage Lending.
  • Experience you have with real estate matters

Having a good understanding and experience of the real estate business is vitally important. You must be aware of when the property will go into foreclosure, when the repayment is not done on the time or who will manage the real estate unless it’s not sold.

California hard money lenders are expected to know the nitty-gritty about the real estate before they start lending the hard money.

  • Leverage hard money lender directory

To become the primary source of lending the money to the borrowers, make certain to get enlisted in the directory where investors are actually looking for the lenders like you. Also, you can get connected with the hard money lenders who can give you the information about some loans that are in the funding process and match your criteria.

  • Develop rapport

The real estate investors are interested in borrowing the funds from the hard money lenders who are into this business for a long time. The strong relationship you need to create with the investors keeping 100% transparency and trust when you lend the money. The reason behind is some bad apples have tarnished the image of the hard money lenders in the market by providing risky hard money loans to the borrowers to own the property.

  • Attend real estate investor meetings

Nearly, in every city of the USA, the local real estate investment firms organize the meetings every month wherein a lot of potential borrowers come who are looking for the hard money lenders like you. This is the best place to find the borrowers and grow your network as real estate brokers, conventional mortgage brokers, and other real estate professionals also attend such meetings.


In California, the hard money lending business is in the fascinating state. As the market is stabilizing, the fix and flip investors are interested in hard money lending rather than house Flipping Loans. As the market stands, the growing trend of hard money lending is anticipated to uplift, which is alluring the investors to tap the real estate market benefits by becoming hard money lenders.

The guide to flip and start the career as California hard money lenders is already illustrated. So, now what’s left? Just your attempt to leap into the field!

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